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Image by Uriel Soberanes

Milestone payments for people & planet

The challenge

Financial incentives to protect & restore Earth's ecosystems only work if people get paid. Payments to the under-banked (most ecosystem stewards) continue to rely on inefficient, corruptible, and even dangerous cash-based systems. The end result is sub-optimal incentives for people at both ends. There is a better way 

Our platform

Payments that are made automatically once a milestone has been completed are milestone payments. What makes our platform unique is that is also a data management tool.  Spend less time and money collecting data and distributing payments so you can focus on the core mission of your organisation.


Easily adapts to any project ranging from sustainable cocoa to coral reef restoration


All transactions are fully traceable in near real time 

fast & low-cost

Transactions take a few seconds & cost a fraction of a cent (Algorand blockchain)


From a desk in the Global North to a mobile phone in the Global South

How it works

  1. Define: Project managers define the milestones via the web app dashboard

  2. Submit: Stewards submit data about a milestone via the mobile app

  3. Pay: Payments are automatically triggered or approved by the project manager

  4. Convert or spend: Stewards receive stable coins to spend, save or convert to local currency via the mobile app


About us

We are a UK based non-profit that has been developing traceability and payment tools to support the global 'green transition' since 2018. Before getting into modern tech, we worked for 15+ years on various environmental projects in sub-Saharan Africa. As such, we understand the realities on the ground.

Contact us!

We are looking for partners & are happy to help develop funding proposals. All inquires are welcome. We'd love to hear from you!
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